Saturday, 26 February 2011

Time to celebrate, fuck me why am I so God damn tired!!

So here it is Saturday 26th my big night out to celebrate my 22nd birthday in style! I am so God damn fucking tired though, I think maybe I'm beginning to feel a bit over whelmed! I'm not sure if it's the fact that I'm turning 22 Monday and I'm so scared of continuing to get older and still have absolutely no direction or if the fact that there's going to be a lot of people out tonight and I'm getting a bit nervous which is even more mad!
Jesus Christ I miss Luke, I know that it's OK to miss Luke, and found out recently that one of my ex's Diesel killed himself recently and I'm feeling depressed because of that and it's like I think I just feel all nervous and panicky and I hate feeling like this!
I can't even write I feel too head clogged today! Write again soon!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

I am a disgrace to myself

I am extremly sorry I have been out of business for a while. Do not fear I have not forgotton all you loyal followers.
So it's been a very long time since I wrote so your probabally wondering what I have been up to????
Well I'm afraid to say I'm still a bum, but now I'm a bum with a boyfriend ;-) No more twat faces like Chris.
Luke is far from a twat face, he is amazing and I think I love him....
Correction I do love him, he's so sweet, there's no complications (exception of the fact that he lives in London and I live here in good old sunny Brighton) I know where I stand with him and I ain't worried he's a bout to cheat on me with another bird. Partly cuz he's a full time single dad and is at college 3 days a week and doesn't exactly have time to go and meet other ladies and partly because he's besoted by me, (and hey who wouldn't be afterall I am amazing ;-) ;-) nudge nudge).

I have recently decided I am going to go to India for a month, have no idea how I will fund it yet or when I will go but I've made up me mind I'm determind to do it. Lifes for living and after all the shit of last year it's a bout time I started living mine!

I'm lost for words (now that's a 1st). I need to update reguarly cuz I forget what's happened over the last couple months.

I've applied to do a course in Beauty Therapy too in September, even though Luke keeps telling me I'm too smart for that and I should become a doctor (which is mad).
Ohhh just finished reading "Eat, pray, love" amazing book, I do reccomend to any lady (and any man who isn't affraid of his femmine side ;-)).
Now started reading "Belle De Jour" which is also fabulous of what I've read so far!

Any how that's all for now.

Peace out and love, love, love