Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Today, today, Wednesday 19th I believe!!

So a brief outline of moi, I'm 21, I have straight, just past shoulder length blond hair, brown eyes and massive tits, I'm a true Brightonian born a bred, I fucking love it!!!
I have 2 amazing sisters and a legend mother, who I fear I may be turning into, when I said to my sis, my cousin and mate that we must go to another pub as the live musics too loud and I can't hear myself think... Which actually maybe is a good thing cuz when I think that's when things begin to get messy and my self diagnosed bi polar kicks in big time!!

So that's a brief outline of me.
Can't believe in a couple of weeks we will officially be half way through the year and once again I've been through more men that I can count on one hand, in fact two hands, actually so many I can't even remember half their fucking names deary me!! (Just so you know when I say been through men, it does not mean I've slept with them, I don't just jump into bed with every Tom, Dick or Harry)!
Any how so finally got two days off work whey result!! I swear my feet are still killing though. Currently working as a barmaid, one of my many jobs.
So being a day off didn't wake up till 1pm and know I'm not lazy I just like sleep, now there's nothing wrong with needing my beauty sleep!
Anyhow went up to see my 93 year old nan who is just the most amazing and funniest nan in the world. Not to mention the best for always buying me chocolate bless her!
Any way less of the boring stuff... saw my 1st ex of the day in Tesco's damn him for being hot, he works there and so does his now "fiance"! Any how whatever.
Oh jesus not to mention the fact that I bumped into James, sorry Becca (my big sis) Jim although I hate that name so I'm still calling him James whether he likes it or not!
Ha ha now how would I describe James??
a big mistake... hm then again I'd say that a bout the majority of men I've been with, James... Well he definitely wasn't my boyfriend and the only date we went on consisted of his bed and condoms, so yes James was a "fuck buddy" such a lovely way of putting it these days, but I don't think you could call it anything else cuz we certainly didn't make love.
He was good for going down on me though, giving my orgasms that made me scream the whole fucking house down so I guess he did have his uses, not to mention paying for my taxis "sucker"... now I sound like a prostitute, fuck it what do I care I already said he was a big mistake.
Any how apart from getting side track I saw him which is why I just went on a massive rant a bout the whole thing!!
Any how back to the evening went to meet Becca (big sis), Oliver (big cousin) and Nick (good family mate).
it was good to meet up and hang out although there was no one worth chatting up tonight which was a bit rubbish, although I am sort of off men at the moment, hey at least that's what I keep telling myself one day I might actually believe it!
Tell you what did make me laugh though, there was this fat guy come in to the seven stars, he had dreads and he just looked hilarious I couldn't help but laugh.
No dramas tonight, which makes a change.
Decided to walk home after the pub in my 3 inch high heeled sexy boots, maybe not the best thing for sore feet but I did, sort of regretting it now however.
Walked past one of those disgusting kebab shops which I would never be seen dead in. There were 2 of the guys working there having a ciggie outside and I swear like every time I walk past on of those places the men start watering at the mouth its like hello have you never seen a woman before, its fucking disgusting they're like mongrels or something.
Man I wish I'd bought some chocolate, I'm having cravings now!!
Fuck its already 1.30am I'm so Hungary God damn it.
Any how I'm going to go and men wise myself up by watching the Sex in The City movie for the 3rd time this week.
Good morning, good afternoon, good night .............

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  1. god elle do you think you wrote enough???
    funny blog think you should make this blog your dairy! =] x