Thursday, 20 May 2010

missing the innocence....

Well I'm feeling tired tonight and there isn't any drama which makes a change. However I'm feeling sad tonight, I'm feeling a lone lying in an empty bed with no one sleeping next to me and no one waking up next to me and I sometimes wish I could just be an innocent child again and not having the think a bout relationships with men.
It all just seems to get so complicated. Men are so complicated and sometimes I just feel so frustrated. I'm constantly bumping into ghosts from the past (Aka Ex boyfriends/dates/shags). It doesn't seem to matter where I go it's like I can't get away from my past, I guess I should listen to Sex in the City "Your 20's are for making the mistakes, your 30's are for learning the mistakes and you 40's are for buying the drinks".
Maybe I'm just attempting to grow up so fast, but I don't thinks me ab normal to want a healthy relationship with a man! Will I Ever find Mr Right!!!????...............

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