Sunday, 9 January 2011

Je detest le Sunday

Or however the fuck you say it in French!
I'm feeling really tired and negative today and I hate feeling like that. Stuck in a ruck.
I'm over Jax- obviously seeing as my laptop has decided to give up on life altogether, I'm starting to feel like I might follow in it's foot steps :(. (Don't worry I'm not a bout to have another suicide attempt the absolutely crazy Elle has gone. Left her behind along with all the shit from 2010).

I just really need to sort a few things out and I think like once I start doing some volunteer work or courses then maybe I won't feel so low! I know that deep down it's because I'm desperate for a guy but I'm not a bout to jeprodise my hopeful looking future for another good for nothing prick!
Whats the point I know what I'm looking for and I do believe in fate, and soul mates and I know for a fact I'm not a bout to bump into my dream man in a bar or a club.
He may not even be English, English men have such little passion, and it's all a bout drugs and drink and stupid football. Well I hate football with a passion! So that's that.
I want to be with someone that's different and maybe he makes a difference to the world or something. I don't know but what I do know is that I'm not a bout to settle for 2nd best and I don' t care what people say, I refuse to go out with any more twats until I find my soul mate, whats the point, I've dated and slept with more than enough men!
However hard it may be (especially being surrounded by lo-vie do-vie couples everywhere I go),
I'm not going to just date anymore for the sake of having a man in my life and not being alone!
I'd rather be lonely and single than be with someone that 80% of the time does my nut so that's that!
Blurgh I'm fed up!

Peace out my followers!

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