Saturday, 9 February 2013

Tell him that you're never gonna leave him, tell him that you're always gonna love him, tell him, tell him, tell him right now...

Exscuse the title been watching way too much Ally McBeal latley,

So what do you know I blink and before I know it we're in 2013, its about 3 weeks till I turn 24 and I have been in a relationship now for almost 4 months, yes thats right, just after I'd convinced myself I was destined to be alone forever and that I was no longer going to go looking for love, that I would be a born again virgin and probabaly die old and alone and people would whisper about me about being an old spinster (a little bit dramatic I know but that's me all over) I met Chris!

Well what can I say, always thought on the other hand if I did meet someone he would be called Chris, kind of enevitable me thinks...
Anyhow so life could almost be on track, I'm 6 lessons away from completing my Level 2 course in beauty therapy making me qualified in facials, makeup, tinting, waxing, manicures and pedicures, 2 volunteer jobs, a boyfriend who is not perfect but hey who is, however he is the best boyfriend I ever had! He loves me and that in itself is a miracle, because lets face it most of the guys I've been out with haven't even really liked me let alone loved me.
I am having a few problems coming to terms with it all still (christ how morbid do I sound, I'm writing as if someones died). Its sort of strange though because in some ways someone has, the old me has died, and I don't mean that in the respects that I have turned into a completly different person, I haven't, I'm still abit nuts, I still shout instead of talking, I still fancy myself a princess, love the colour pink, dressing up, dresses, tea, cupcakes, chic flicks, still a drama queen.... etc

What I mean is the me that 2 years ago who had no respect for herself, who would run about from place to to place chasing good for nothing egotistic wankers who were never going to be with me let alone commit has gone. I now have respect for myself, with still a long way to go on working on feeling less insecure and to gain more self esteem but I now don't take shit and am leaning further and further towards the kind of life I want to live which is something a couple of years ago I would not have thought possible.

Anyhow enough of the deep shit. We all want to know people are happy but there's a fine line between being happy and bragging, hopefully you realise I'm merley trying to put across to people that you can hit rock bottom, but with the right support, determinaton and will power you can turn your life around!

Anyhow so I passed 4 exams on tuesday night, and Chris had his last court case wednesday, and Becca & Iain moved out today so now I must leave all my hopefully trusty followers still following me despite the massive break. Off to make my dinner (homeade pizza) and the dull myself up for some celabratory drinks tonight because the stress ... is ... almost... over ha ha stress is the story of my life, and sometimes I think it keeps me going...

Peace out


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