Monday, 3 September 2012

Made a wrong turn, once or twice, dug my way out, blood and fire bad decisions, thats alright, welcome to my silly life. Mistreated, misplaced, misunderstood miss no way its all good, it didn't slow me down mistaken, always second guessing underestimated, look I'm still around ...

..Pretty pretty please don't you ever, ever feel like your less, less than perfect. Pretty, pretty please if you ever, ever feel like your nothing, you are perfect to me.

Yeah you see that I'm done with fucking haters and busy bodies who got nout better to do with their time and make complaints a bout other people! I'm done with fucking idiots who constantly put me down, to you lots I may not be fucking perfect but I'm beginning to notice people who put down others arn't so fucking perfect themselves and maybe should take a long hard look at their own life and attempt to fil the cracks in their lives instead of giving me bullshit advice that I don't need!

Ok ok rant over...

I love Pink she's a fucking legend (yes I use the word fuck alot, deal with it). I find that I can relate to a lot of what she writes about, although I'm pretty sure there are a lot of woman out there who can
also relate to what she sings, but you know just thought I'd throw that in...

So whats been going on in the life of Elle... ha now that would be telling... and to be honest for once there isn't really much to tell.. at least not on the man front anyhow. I was seeing this guy called Ed (whos in rehab with Ian) but I went off him, was a mixture of his age, life style and after a while of looking at him I decided I didn't really fancy him and maybe I was just going along with it because I wanted a bit of attention, who knows with me could be anything. So I've ended it with him... he doesn't actually know this yet because I've done it in a letter, but this time tomorrow he will, I just hopes he takes it well.
So here I am back to square one, single, untouched and horney as fuck.
Ha ha actually less of the horney now, I'm tired of thinking/reading/watching/talking/ hearing about sex, its been 18 frustrating weeks and one day HUMPH! Thank God I've got plenty keeping me busy.
Like the wedding, yes ladies and gents the wedding of the year is almost on my door step (saturday to be presice, and also the only wedding of the year). Still weddings are a time for celebration, so I guess I'll go and celabrate my cousins happiness!
It is slightly depressing that besides my mother (oh and my 14 year old cousin, I think) are the only people in the family who are single, I love how I get to go to York for days but have to share a hotel with my mother.
I swear one of the good things of being in your 20's is so that you no longer have to share a hotel room with one of your siblings or parents, typical aye no such luck. Look not everyone is in long term relationships in their 20s some of us just have better things to do with our times like read about sex Gods (AKA Christian Grey-50 shades) and eat cake, and have real orgasms with battery operated equipment, instead of having the joys of faking it again and again. Or knit or watch a good movie the list is endless.
Men are shit any how! (At least thats what I'll continue to tell myself until I have one).
Actually noticing its the 2nd september soon, I really hate being single in winter so may have to bag one, its nice to have a man in my bed when its cold outside, someone to bring me blueberry pancakes and tea on sunday mornings in bed, and of course more presents at christmas, there's always the great factor that when they piss me off to the point where I really don't want to hear anymore shit they have to say I can just sit on their face ;-) such a dirty bitch, ya see men do have their uses now and again.
Ha ha bet you struggled to read that, was terribly punctuated. Its a good job becca and Iain don't read this they'd have a fucking filed day correcting spelling and punctuation. As I said some people really need to get a life ;-). Better not jeprodise anything, me and Bexipoo have been getting on ok recently and Iain, hm I'm tolerating him! Don't want to fuck it all up specially  3 days before we go away (actually they leave on thurday but whatevs).
Anyhow I'm not writting any more I'm too hungary God knows what time we're eating feels like I've been waiting 10 hours for food (yes I love to exaderate). Right must scudadle.

Peace out
love love love xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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