Friday, 11 June 2010

A dull friday morning...

Well well well, I'm sorry I haven't written for a while its litrally been one thing after another since I last wrote!
So the reason it's been so bloody long is because my lap top decided it wanted to follow me in the dying of lung cancer bit and started smoking, and that definitly isn't a good thing. So took up to the fucking lap top place which I hate for them to tell me it'll cost a bout £200 and that of course leaves me fuming!! Any how I don't really want to talk a bout that cuz I may cry!!

So I'll take it back to Amy's 21st birthday. I got my party geer on and me hair extentions and I was thinking oh yeah look at me I'm the fucking bees knees (as always on a night out).
I'd already fucked my knee up from falling over in the rain at work, fuckers. Nothing would ever stop me wearing heels though never!!
Any how by the time I got to Town I was pretty angry and then after going to the cash point with Emma the stupid bouncer said we had to cue and I was like hello our mates booked a table. Any how she went on a bout some crap a bout only having it for an hour. So we qued and qued and then there was another bouncer (who I have to admit was quite cute). Any how I was like can we not just go in, we're missing our best mates 21st and so he looked up the name and was like ok and I go that fat bouncer wouldn't let us in.
I didn't mean to say it, it just popped out. Any how so then I got banned from bloody pitcher and Piano. Fucking hell I had to sit outside for half a bloody hour, and in the time I was stuck outside I managed to loose my packet of 20 cigerettes which id just bought and a fiva, and my hair extensions got fucked up a bout 3 times.
Any how when Amy and co came out we had a drink in fish bowl and then headed down the club. So I shook my arse big time to the 80's cheese, fucking love it.
Bumped into that guy the one I call "Roger", turns out he's called Tom.
Fucking idiot I was close to hitting him. He told me I'd never get a boyfriend cuz I'm too opionated well he can go fuck himself cuz I never really liked him any how.
Had a heart to heart with Charlie (Amy's cousin) that night.
It was a good night though, it was nice to just dance and to be around people that I love, despite having a sore knee, losing money, fags and my lap top deciding to start smoking.

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