Saturday, 21 August 2010


Well well long time no write!
I finally have my laptop back and as you can see it is working HALLULIA!!
So I beleive last time I wrote I'd met that guy James, suprise, suprise it didn't work out!
Let me see I wasn't to impressed that he was 35 and turns out he lives like a student. IE takes loads of drugs and is a total piss head. Also I may add in the light he didn't look so cute either.
Not to mention he had an 8.5 inch cock, meausred by yours truely. I couldn't be dealing with a cock that big I swear he injured me with that. What can I say my vagina mucsels are too tight for something that big. Jesus I'm happy with a 5 inch cock.
So there we go it ended.
So I was getting more and more frustrated a bout the fact that men was just bullshit. Until I met Owen.
Well Owen rung me by mistake wrong number and all that but i decided to continue chatting to him seeing as he was 27 and lived in Brighton. I even met up with him and his mate. Well that was until I realised he was so boring which kind of make me understand why he's still single. Not even saying that he clearly loved himself and I'm not exactly sure why because he couldn't dress and he wasn't exactly Mr.stunning.
So got rid of him!
Ha and then I met TeeJay he was cute, met him outside the job centre (not cool). Any how he was cute and seemed ok, and he was only 24 so I thought hey maybe this could go somewhere, until he dragged me back to his mates flat and just got stoned and wanted to do coke etc and so then I was like cya later.
Jesus are there any normal men out there in the world!!??
Any how, I'm out tonight to do some research so watch out for next blog see what I come up with...

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