Sunday, 10 April 2011

Whats a girls to do ...

I have to say I'm feeling pretty shitty! In fact I think that's probabally an understatment, I hate that I have thoughts of maybe I would be better off dead. All I seem to do is make a cock up of everything I do. I feel so fucking alone right now. It's mental cuz as I walk around Town there are people every where but not one of them gets me and I long to be with some one who really gets me and I keep wondering if I'll ever meet some one who really feels that emptiness that lives in me. When I'm in the house on my own at night I just sometimes (well most of the time these days) I wrap myself in my duvet and wrap my arms around myself and cry, you know that sort of crying that makes your stomache like an ache, like a starvation pain, except your not starving for pain. Your starving for love and that is so much harder than just being hungary. I sit and pray that some one will come accept no one ever does and then I cry harder you know when you cry so much you feel like you could be sick or something. I'm sorry I don't have anything positive to report, I wish I did but I don't feel optimistc at all at the moment, but you know I'm going to try and hang in there. Love me followers xxxxxxxx

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