Sunday, 21 August 2011

good bye 20 something guys.. hello 30 something guys...

It wasn't until I was on the phone today that I remembered how I've been going oh so wrong when it comes to men! Obviously not everythings black and white (its fucking grey) however all in all it all comes down to one thing... AGE!!!
So there we have it I stupidly went from dating guys in their 30s and occasionally even 40's to then giving guys in their 20s ago and it's crazy how different the conversation flows.
For example if I was trying to talk to a guy in their 20's about my anxietys and problems etc I just get this completly bullshit response. Spmething like "snap out of it" or "oh well I don't care its not me thats upset you" or even "I'm not really interested in hearing about this". Ever noticed how they're happy to go on and on and on about crap that we're not really interested in but yet expect us to listen and if we don't they "go into their cave".

So no more men in their 20's its a no go area! Look I've had Chris, Terry, Craig, Beau, Luke, Ian, etc and apart from all being pricks they all had one thing in common, men in their 20's!!!

Now as you know I try not to genralize but all in all men in their 30's tend to be much more understanding, and better at listening, not spending their whole time looking for someone else to blame when something doesn't work out and knows how to take responsability for their actions!!

So your probabaly been wondering what dramas have been going down in the world of princess in the last 3 weeks...
Well apart from developing a massive crush on mr across the Rd I haven't really had an interaction with men!
I haven't snogged any men or slept with any men...
I am still celibate, still on the wagon and still not smoking. I belive its either 10 or 11 weeks without a ciggy tomo. About 2 months without a drink on thursday and 8 weeks without sex today, only 3 more weeks till I can go for my blood test, I already had my last STD test and should get the results in about 1/2 weeks time so fingers crossed for me...

Other than that I have learnt how to knit and going to "knit and natter" club on mondays don't fucking laugh OK it's better than sitting around watching people get drunk or attempting to have a conversation with someone in a club whilst shouting at them and not hearing what they say anyhow cuz its too loud and they're too drunk to make any sense any how. At least with knitting you have something to show for it as opposed to a sore head and an empty purse. Not that I need to justify myself of course!!
Been still doing me voluntry work, infact I'm seeing the shakespeare play that we must not say on tuesday night!
Going to see ma sis tomo an all its been way too long.
Oh did I mention that Becca is completly unreasonable. I swear she suffers from conveinient amnesia. We had a massive fight on friday, which sort of lead on from thursday. PArtly cuz she's completly unreasonable and a bully.
Thursday night. I'm in the living room with her (her being Becca my delightful sister) and Iain and I was saying ohhh I hope mum pays for me tomo night as I'm totally skint and she was all like well I dobut it she may pay a bit towards it, and I was like oh but I'm totally skint, and she's all like well you had money to go swimming! I mean hello swimming is £2.30 its hardly the same price as a meal, and I'm certainly not giving that up, its just about the only thing that stops me from breaking her legs when shes being a bitch which seems to get more and more frequant by the hour. She's on a total mission to get mum to kick me out!
So any how I was all like oh I won't come then, and she was like whatever don't come then I don't care. So I was like oh whatever you can sort the cake out on your own.
So I start reading me book and her and Iain start arguing because that's all they ever fucking do. I was like jesus can you not I get bored listening. So she was all like well you don't have to read down here. So I was like fine and went next door to use the printer. So she then comes in and starts having a pop at me about using the printer, I love the way she thinks she owns the place!
Anyhow she was acting OKish later so I sort of let it go.
However the next day I'm baking the cake for mum and Jude birthday and she comes home and starts telling me off for just about everything telling me I'm doing it all wrong. I did try to not get cross but its hard when someone is constantly on your case for EVERYTHING! So I snapped and yes I do shout quite loudly. I walked out and went upstairs and she just doesn't leave me alone she follows me upstairs shouting up at me at the bottom of the stairs. She can be such a cow too she told me that mum should just kick me out and she hates me and that I should just go kill myself. She's such a bitch. She made me cry, but she doesn't care, I'll never get an appolagy of the middle class cow that thinks shes right no matter what she does or says.
I texted mum to say that I wasn't coming for dinner because becca had been horrible to me and made me cry and that I couldn't afford it anyhow. She told me she was expecting to pay for me anyhow and that to try to just be civilised to one another for one evening. Jude came up and had a chat with me when they arrived home!
So I did end up going. Her and Iain had a row for about 2 hours before we went out and mum was really upset. I swear she goes on about how I think the hole world revolves around me, but at least I don't deny it and besides shes dying for the whole world to revolve around her. Hasn't anyone told that girl thats the only person jealousy hurts is yourself! Apparently not!

Still I find out if I can do the princes trust course on friday. If i do that starts in september and its full time so that'll keep me well out the way for 12 weeks at least.
I also find on on 31st (10 days today) whether I get onto my beauty therapy course! Man I'm praying soooooo hard!!

I'm also considering having me hair cut short again... What do peoples think if that?

Any hows that gives you alot to think about.
Peace out my amazing followers
love love love

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