Saturday, 22 October 2011

When all else fails... be fabulous...

One thing I've learnt over my years of being on this amazing plannet, when all else fails and you've lost control I do the one thing I know to take back some control and thats; look fucking fabulous no matter what. You could be dying (inside of out) but I tell you what if a total stranger can tell then that ain't a good thing.
Keep it hidden from the world, there's only a handful of people you can really truly trust on this plannet and thats a given!

So lets check in a bit with me...
Tom dumped me! Face bovared, does it look bovared! Lol ok I'll lose the attitude and the act a little bit. Course I care. I got used by a 16 year old boy! Surley I should know better by now? Apparently I'll never learn my lesson!
However the break down period has reduced immensly! I could almost say I'm over it... him.. OK perhaps not, but still doing things for me!
My knittings coming along quite nicley (I know I'm like 22 going on 82 but shhhhh) stops me drinking.
Me and "Mr across the Road" are back to normal again... well I think normal would be an understatment because we're both miles away from "normal" fuck being normal, normals for boring twats! Any how we're hanging out, talking, drinking tea... (I drink tea he smokes a joint.. thats pretty standered for us).
I'm not stalking anyone at the moment..
God lifes so boring when I ain't stalking anyone of got a "project" AKA a man!
However bought meself some lush new boots today just a little present for me, from me to show my appriciation towards myself!
Ohhh Robs getting me this amazing corset for Christmas oh my goshie its proper lushie, check out the sight, tis on fb (facebook for the weirdos out there that haven't quite worked out the abrieviation for it yet).
Can you belive christmas is only 64 days away fuccccccccck! Better crack on with making the presents.. this week should be good as no drama on wed or night school on tuesday result!
I've asked for soooo many nice things hope I get them... to be fair I've mainly asked for nail varnish and DVDS the only big things I've asked for is a lava lamp which these days are ... £10 on amazon and a cocktail set which is £20 (but that includes ice crusher) so hopefully me mummy will get me that and then me sisters and relatives can get me nail varnish and DVDs! I very much dobut me dad will get me anything this year. Stingie bastared that he is and seeing as he's still throwing a strop over the fact that I didn't send him a fathers day card or a birthday card whatever man. He's a shit dad! He wouldn't even lend me £3 for loo role when I was skint and had to drip cuz of lack of bog role and funds, ha for someone thats sitting on £50,000 thats pretty steep! Should just fucking rob him! The point I was making is if he won't help me out why should I use the very small amount of money that I do get on buying him a card and a stamp to say happy fucking birthday and fathers day ... DEAR DAD CONGRATULATIONS ON BEING THE SHITTEST DAD... EVER... LOVE YOU! I mean do behave!!
Hey my step dad might give me some doe... I can hope any how lol.
I swear down before the year ends I will get my tattoo done and my 3rd and 4th holes in my ear done God damn it I always have to wait too fucking long...

A little glimpse of Tom just came into me head then.
Christmas time, he's going to be all alone banged up and I'll be with my amazing sis, her man, me nephew and me mother but as I bring up a lot we all know that feeling of being surrounded by people but yet feeling so alone thats what I'll be like on christmas day, I'll probabally be sitting and wondering about him too.
od he's so young! I wish he could see how much potential he has! It makes me so angry the whole situation! He's so smart, he's a propa little man but because of things he just can't see it and his lifes already over before its begun, this is just the begining he'll be in and out of prison now forever undobutedly and end up like poor old Sean who will never become clean (off the gear) or Diesel may he R.I.P! Do you know how shit it is to know whats going to happen before it has and to know full well there's nothing you can do to change it. It's so frustrating!
Any how I've got to focus on me...
God a bollocking a college the other day...

  • Inappopriate clothing ... skirts too short.. interesting isn't it how its only woman that critisise this ...

  • Talking about sex too much. Exscuse me I'm giving these kids a sex education lesson that'll they'll never forget and take with them for ever, and to be fair one day it'll probabally benefit them.

  • talking about me problemos ... OK so maybe that one is a fair point!

  • I actually got sent to counselling.

Ohhhhhhh if I've been a naughty girl turn me over and spank me and it'll probablly turn me on ha ha cuz I'm a dirty ho ;) ha ha love it!

I actually think the counsellor needed to see someone after seeing me, after I told her about all the trauma I'd been thru she looked pretty traumitised herself... thank God its only 9 days till I see Dr doo dee dah phyciatrist dude who hopefuly will be the answer to my prayers.... thats ironic seeing as I don't pray but you get me..

so what else is going on in the life of Princess Elle... well fuck knows! I can't belive its only 9.10pm it feels so much later.. me thinking should go out ... afterall tis saturday... I need some new blood... hmmmmmmmm PROJECT...

peace out

love ya xxxxxxx

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