Friday, 6 January 2012

Better not look down, if you want to keep on flying. Put the hammer down, keep it full speed ahead. Better not look back or you might wind up crying..

...You can keep it moving if you don't look down.

Oh good old songs from Thelma and Lousie, now thats an oldie, Brad Pitt was 18 in that movie and he must be late 30's now so we're talking maybe 20 years ago... hm I was 2 20 years ago...

So here we are in 2012, the year that (and I know I say this at the beginning of every new year, but this time I really mean it) I swear down I will not fuck it up this time. I sort of feel like 2010 (which was the year I was 21) I went off the rails, slept with far too many pricks and had a nervous break down. 2011 the 1st half of the year was still about learning the hard way, and the 2nd half of 2011 was filling in the cracks and healing from the heart ache and pain and so this is going to be the year I really get back on me feet.
I have to say its sort of been abit of a shakey start, I broke up with Chris on the 2nd, and it was horrific, I wanted to be the big person so I did it in person and I cried for what felt like eternity and then I thought he was going to cry and that made me cry harder. Still I know deep down it was the right thing to do. Neither of us trusted each other and being 47 he's clearly an experienced head fuck, much more than me!!!
After watching Eastenders on new years day kind of made me have some perspective on life and the bigger picture. I sort of had an apiphany in the hour and 10 minutes it was on I cried from start to finish and it got me thinking about money and life. Also after watching series 4 of Secret Diary of a call girl and in the end she's pretty much Belle all the time and she choses her job (which initially is money and lies) over love, and I know I always go on about money being the only thing that lasts in the end because loving turns to leaving everytime but maybe that just means sexual relationships. After we all know sex changes everything. Any how when Pat was on her death bed she was surrounded by her family and her loved ones, and it got me thinking. I've always been adiment I never want children, partly because everyones fucked up and then they have kids and they put all their fucked upness onto their kids and then the children grow up to be fucked up and then we just end up in a world of fucked up people, but then maybe just maybe it doesn't have to be that way.
Yes I've done alot of fucked up things in my time that I ain't proud of but if I hadn't have done them I wouldn't be me, and do you know what after all the bullshit I've heard (from men and woman) I really couldn't give a flying fuck what say some skanky ex boyfriend/shag has to say about me, or what "Mr across the road" or his desperate mate has to say because in all honestly the only peoples opinions that count are the people that truly love me, me mates that will be there through everything, not the people that call themselves your mates yet only talk to you when its convienent for them or when they need something, but people who are genuine and in all honesty who gives a fuck what the rest of them have to say!
I don't hate myself any more, so what if not everything goes to plan, thats just life, and besides sometimes not everything is as you imagined... it's even better!!!
So forget all the ballshit, I don't want to die in a mansion alone and bitter. I want to die in a room full of people that love me even if I never learn to buy. You can't put a price on love!
So lets drink not because we want to get off our faces because of the state of the world but to celabrate the new year and to true friendships and true friendships last a lifetime, to people that are no longer with us due to unforseen circumstances, to being able to accept that its OK to make mistakes because we're all just humans at the end of the day and to my 23rd year coming up and who knows where this year will take me!
Love and peace to you all ...........


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