Wednesday, 25 January 2012

It's alright, its alright, just as long as we can vote, we live in a democracy, and thats what we promote...

Song by Shakira, I love the way songs get a message across and sometimes when we listen to a song you sing along and you know the words but when you stop singing and really listen to the lyrics and hear the message in the song it can make you begin to question things. Well I love the phyco analyse and lets face it I think everything comes down to money and sex at the end of the day.
Don't miss judge me I do think there is a lot of important things in the world. Just sex and money (especially where men are concerned) are the things I thing growing up in England come down to, I would hate to inpose in other countries, this is purley on reasearch and I do intend to do reasearch else where at some point in the future.
Well any how I have a feeling this may be a long blog.
So for the average person 9 days isn't so long, genrally people just go along doing their business, going to work 5 days a week, studying at uni (although from what I can see there's more drinking involved than studying). Just an observation! Me being me wouldn't like to genralise!!
So any how and mothers looking after their child/children, and there's the lazy unemployed who like to sit on their arse and get pissed (lets not go there just yet). Anyhow you get my drift most peoples lives just continue to run along smoothly, not too much to say over the course of 9 days at least any how!
Well ladies and gents, I am not one of those people and in the life of Princess Elle 9 days and you know I could have quite possibly fallen in and out of love with about 3 people by that amount of time. I'm quite happy to confess this time this isn't the case, however I do have a lot to report back on...
It was Diesels one year death anniversary sunday which i'd been seriously dreading because well death is morbid, heart breaking and sad. So anyhow decided to go for cocktails and light some little angel model candels in memory of him and be around the people I love, (Andrea and David) I do love more people than them but they was the ones that were out that I love... If that makes sense... Any how I began to feel a bit frantic about him because I could feel conversations me and him slipping away from my memory and I feel like I'm running and running to grab them but they're floating away faster and faster and that makes me sad. It also makes me realise that one day I'll have to let go, doesn't mean I'll ever forget him.
Any how for some reason unknown to me, I decided to have a drink (as in alcohol). 1 glass of Sangria ... I think and a glass of red wine with lemonade. I have no idea how but for some reason I felt drunk. Not just a bit drunk, alot drunk... or pissed if you like.. .
So I got home and was feeling abit shit so went over "Mr across the Roads" *very very bad move*! Ever noticed how when you've had a bit to drink things that cross your mind that you would never consider saying or doing sober, seem like a great idea when your drunk after 2 hours of vommiting, banging headache and very little sleep the reality of that so brilliant idea suddenly hits you, sober and hung over and all you can think is fuuccckkk!!!!!!!!!!!!
Attempting to sleep with "Mr across the Road" was definitly one of those moments!!
Yes oh the shame of it. It sort of went abit like this... him; laughing after say a couple mins of "doing it" by that I mean having sex! Me; "Do NOT laugh at me whilst your inside me". Him; still laughing, "Can we try this another time.. when your sober" Me; "Urm... lets think about this.... NO get off me idiot" *Elle exits the scene*!
Still at least I know for sure now.
Unfortunatly I did vomit too, for what felt like hours which may have actually been half hour but still if your going to say some thing may as well exaderate abit, makes it more dramatic and I thrive on drama. Ha ha like sitting on the floor of the toilet and urgh it was minging why don't they show that in the movies aye, the reality of not being able to handle your drink = vommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttt ewwwwwwww and I tell you what thats not sexy EVER! Any how so I managed to convince myself I was dying and it was horrible. Turns out its true what they say. I am a drama queen...

End of topic one. Lesson learnt; don't drink (no not even one) and certainly do not go round a guys house drunk and act of any ideas that may seem at that moment in time, if you wouldn't do it sober DON'T FUCKING DO IT FULL STOP! thats aimed at me not you...

Any how cute boys drinking at 10.26am to be exact on a monday morning and democracy and tea is going to have to wait. I've got a hole load of ironing to do!

Peace and love to ma trusty followers.................... xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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