Sunday, 6 May 2012

I could've been a princess, you'd be a king, could've had a castle and worn a ring, but no you let me go and stole my star!

This ones for Andrea ;-) love ya babe xx

So its been almost a week since I last wrote and in the Elle world thats like a lifetime!!
Still no contact with "Dick Dan" thats what I'm calling Dan S now, because quite clearly he is a dick and he's called Dan so you know the name fits!
I can't pretend I don't miss him, I do, I even miss the pitiful sex which has left me with thrush.. or that might be the antibiotics, I'm not taking my chances though, come tuesday I'm going to the doctors and I'm going to not only going to demand a thrush tablet, I'm also going to get non-latex condoms, I did ask the woman at the fucking sex clinic for non-latex ones but she gave me some other ones but  I didn't check until after I'd left, I guess I could have not used condoms but seeing as "dick Dan" is the 40th guy I've slept with and I've been lucky enough not to have caught anything yet I decided best not take the risk, afterall I have no idea where his cock has been before, ha ha its a good job not many guys ask where girls pussys have been before (they don't want to see where mines been) ;-) thats a joke, I'm just being a dirty bitch!!

Anyhow I did decide to give it another go with the boy, however after he stayed over thursday night and we didn't even kiss, well what can I say, it is over! There's slow and then there's just ridiculous!

I've had a pretty reasonable week actually, by tuesday I could almost walk again without agony so I went shopping to cheer myself up, and then college in the evening, that was ok at least I got to see kelly and have my makeup done...
Wednesday I hung out with Becca (this is the longest we've gone without arguing) I think we've finally turned the page, its a miracle!! Wednesday night hung out with Chris and Tasha for veggy wednesday!
Thursday I went to work and David was there, hm there wasn't so much sexual tention as usual, not sure if I want to sleep with him any more, still better not be too hasty...
The boy stayed over thursday and then spent over an hour on friday staring at me as I did my makeup (which makes me extremly nervous).
Worked friday and then whoop whoop bought a massage bed and met this really nice guy called Jason, and no don't get any ideas I'm detoxing from men, at least for the next 5 days!!
Anyhow so excited about doing facials again and eye treatments and makeup, sweet as baby, definitly going to do level 3 beauty therapy fuck being stuck in a dead end job forever, I want to do something that will life people, and I get the listen to peoples problems at the same time, I'm a pro when it comes to relationship advice (sort of ironic really, seeing as I can't hold down a relationship longer than a week these days).
Anyhow so went to Jakes friday night and watched the movie 'One day' and oh my Dayzzzzzzzz I'm officially in love with the guy in it... Jim something or other...
Still he was a dick, I've decided its quite clear that I'm not intereseted in nice guys, so I'm probabaly going to end up with a dick, and then he'll probabaly run off with his secretary after I've got stretch marks and bared his children, and I'll be left alone with 3 kids and no money (ohhh I'm so optimistic lol). If this does happen, I'm definitly turning lesbian!
Oh God I just love Ally McBeal it really does sort ones life out...

So friday came and went and then we got to saturday and had an amazing night out with Andrea & Dani and co doing Kareoke or however the fuck you spell it and then on for food mmmmmm yummy, and then onto 7*s for drinkies and then home to bed.. alone, all alone..
Managed to bump into Terry after getting off the bus at 5pm yesterday, yes I mean Terry, Terry, wanker of the century Terry, he looked at me and gave me this stupid cheeky smile and I just glared at him like I was looking straight through him and then I just strutted off, at least I looked good, imaculate makeup and hair extentions in and heels and a cute dress and coat.
Ha then I saw Greggo weggo (one of the guys I shagged when I was on my 21 year old bender) and then I bumped into Ben in 7*s accept after how he was last time I saw him I wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of acting like I even knew him, I just flicked my hair and continued being fabulous!
Oh and so then the stupid bus came early and so I missed it and the next one wasn't due for another 25 mins so I decided to walk to London Road, where from across the road (and although my eyesites terrible and it wasn't that close) was Barney, as in my first love Barney, I could spot that face a mile off, I hate him, but the sad thing is I still have feelings for him, yes I know it was 7 years ago but clearly I just need therapy or something.
Who knows maybe you never really get over your 1st love.
Anyhow that brings me today, and for a sunday I'm reasonably calm. I'm actually totally chilled out tonight not sure why!

On that note, I'm going to paint my nails red baby ;-) and then sleepy time for me going to see me sister tomorrow, need to be a little bit awake!!

love & peace

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  1. Did I mention I fucking hate being let down by mates! Cut the crap and just tell me how it is!!