Sunday, 20 May 2012

Yeah bad boys are always catching my eye, I said bad boys are always spinning my mind, even though I know they're no good for me, its the risk I take for the chemistry, with the bad boys always catching my eye.

Argh I wish it wasn't true!

You may be thinking *What the fuck is she talking about now* Well I'm 1) refering to the title that I am always attracted to bad boys even though I know they're bad for me and 2) I cannot live without a man, and no dis respect to any of my amazing friends and family, and college, and volunteering etc etc but life just isn't as fun without a project (also known as a man) to work on...

So lets summerise on the week...

Monday, back to A & E with my gawjuss sister who is still in pain (which totally sucks for her) although on the plus side she's lost loads of weight (maybe I need to have another tooth out, I'll be skinny again too that way..) any how went back to hers and then onto knitting class (I'm happy to announce that next  monday.. tomorrow I might finally finish my bag that I've been making so thats quite exciting..) had a session and then I have no idea another row with mother perhaps, followed by a bath that I didn't get to have last sunday due to.. well it doean't matter now, that was a week ago now..

Tuesday was well usual typical shitty tuesday, it has absolutly nothing going for it. I know I go to work and have college, but college just isn't the same at the moment not getting to work with Kelly which used to be the only thing I would really look forward to on tuesday because I used to love that we could give each other facials and doing each others eye treatments and was really looking forward to doing each others makeup but we're not allowed to work together at the moment so that sucks. Still only 2 more lessons till we're doing exams again so at least I get to work on people I know (as in mates and family).

Wedneday, well what can I say wednesday is the best day of the week right now because Paul works in the shop on wednesday and this week I think it moved up a notch, in the respect I got to touch him.. well sort of.. I found an un used bandage when I was rumaging through some donations. I persuaded him to let me bandage his arm, which means I got to touch his arm (yes it is sad but that was almost enough to make me horney). Any chance I get to be near him I'm on it. I swear when he was looking up pictures of Scarlett Johannson on his i phone or whatever it is I was so close to him looking at his phone to see if he'd found the right gal and I could feel my breath getting deeper and slower. Oh how I long for him to just kiss me, I bet he's an amazing kisser, its too much to even think about what he'd be like as a lover (as in sex).
Ok enough I can't think about this anymore, its been 3 weeks today seen I was last kissed, touched and laid so I just can't think, not to mention Pauls girlfriend is stunning and so there is no way he would risk doing anything with me! Not to mention they're going to Egypt next week or something fucking wanker, no ones taking me to fucking Egypt. I don't actually want to go to Egypt (especially this time of year) but it would be nice to have the option!!

Anyhow ended up going round this guys house wednesday evening, I've sort of known him for a few years, and so I bought a bottle of wine (of which I only had about 1 and half glasses of) and cake and then I fell asleep. NO I didn't sleep with him, I decided with him having 2 kids and living in Hove and not being able to committ to whatever the fuck it is I need (which I'm still deciding myself what that is). Any how I didn't stay I got a cab home about 2am, I just need my own bed, and being woken up by children at the crack of dawn is hardly my idea of fun!!

Thursday was dramaless too, I went to Jakes so at least it was good to catch up, but by thursday I was almost physically ill with the lack of excitment in my life.
Friday had amazing cake with Andrea at cloud 9 cannot be beaten, followed by really lush pub food in a pub near seven dials, good food and good company, how better to spend a friday night, ohhh and you'll all be pleased to know I now have my umbrella back (and noticed how it hasn't rained since friday typical).

Anyhow saturday was a good day (oh yes that was yesterday). My boots arrived in the post *Elle does a little happy dance and a little tune to go along with it * and then my DVD One day came *Elle does another little dance* and then off into Town to pick up my new dress (which potentially I could meet my future husband in, so could be a good investment in the long run). Met up with Rob, had lovely sandwiches from cream tea, and oh my fucking days, you see this is my fucking point, like you really give a shit about me having fucking nice sandwiches from cream tea, its bollocks, I'm scraping the bottle of the barrel here, there is no drama! I'm almost physically ill by the lack of drama!


I did however get things does saturday, including making some difficult decisions including staying at home so I can do level 3, it isn't ideal but when I move out next time I want it to be for the last time and I'd rather be in a job that I enjoy as opposed to social suicide (a shitty 9-5 job where you have to deal with dickhead managers all day who don't even screw you any more... not in the way that I would like anyhow).
I've also decided to volunteer abroad for 2-4 weeks during the summer, I don't think I can handle being in England for the whole of the summer, it'll be good for me to go away, rough it, help people and get some perspective on life...

So today was rather uneventful too, Rob come over, put anti-virus doo dah on my computer, I went to me nans, came home attempted to do homework, got pissed off, had dinner which made me feel sick, had a bath with my amazing bath bomb from lush that was pink (obviously) and it had blue glittery bits in it. I had Adele playing (the album 21) whilst in the bath and I was singing along really loudly pretending to be in a music video, which I happen to do on a regular basis which is actually rather tragic but like I said when times are tough (I.e there are no men around) I find myself having to entertain myself other ways (including dusting my vibrator and shoving it up my pussy whilst thinking about paul, yes I'm a dirty slut deal with it. I'm a fucking femminist)!
If men can't handle I've shagged 40 guys thats their problem NOT MINE!! 

So I'm now sitting on my bed wrapped in my blanket (alone) watching One day whilst drooling over the main character in the movie (jim something or other). Thats when you know your in trouble when the biggest turn on is a fucking actor on a movie, I need some serious action, before I dry up forever!
OK OK I know I'm being slightly dramatic 3 weeks is not actually that long, but as I've mentioned through out I'm lacking drama/excitment at the moment so making things that arn't dramatic, dramatic helps... a bit ...
Thats it I'm boring myself now so God knows what I'm doing to all of you lots. My apolagies, hopefully I will be able to update with something a little less crap than this soon...

Peace out

love love love xxxxxxxx

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