Monday, 30 April 2012

If you want to know if he loves you so, it's in his kiss..

Which lets face it is the biggest load of bollocks really, although maybe thats because no guys have never truly been in love with me, I don't think I've ever felt what I think your supposed to feel when a guy loves you and is commited to you. Or maybe men arn't really commited to anyone... Maybe I'm a biggimist. (not sure if thats the right word in this content but whatever).
Any how I just don't think guys love like they once did, if it was my life or there's on the line I very much dobut a guy would chose himself to die, they're too damn selfish. Any how this isn't going to be a blog where I slag off men the whole time, although admitidly that does always make me feel so much better, and its pretty standard for my feminist view, but no I am a hypacrit, and no dobut I do contradict myself ALOT but hey what they fuck are you going to do ;-).
So I temporarily went off the rails just abit, its so unlike me these days to get mixed up with sex & love and stupid boys. Anyhow do not fear because I'm back now, from wherever I was. I won't lie I did sleep with Dan last night again, but its funny isn't it, the more you see someone the more you realise what an idiot they are (well not always but mostly). It was like the more I saw him the worse he looked and the worse he smelt! The more horrible I was to him to nicer he was to me, and that irritates the fuck out of me, guys who let girls walk all over them. Guys need to grow a back bone. Also and exscuse my crudness, the sex was actually pretty good but he started doing a Levi on  me, going to sleep after coming once!
I was ready to go again and he just couldn't get it back up and what can I say for a 24 year old thats pitiful, what is it with guys they just don't seem to have the energy to keep up.. See when I get started I want to keep going all night but hey thats just me! Still on the plus side at least he didn't object to using a condom. Which reminds me may have to pop into the doctor/clinic soon to pick up a goody bag, got through virtually all of mine over the last 2 seperate nights me and Dan had sex. That ship has definitly sailed now. I'm ready to take back some control on my life.
Unfortunatly my toe is still in pain, but after a whole day of antibiotics and half a day yesterday of antibiotics by tomorrow I'm hoping walking will be more bearable.

So enough of Dan he's boring and history! Oh God whilst on the subject of Dan the other Dan emailed me today and I swear he's been checking my facebook status's and reading my blog which is kind of a little bit freaky, clearly has no respect for my private life what so ever, this is my online diary, I can write what I want, I don't make people read it, in actual fact I'm pretty sure I've said plenty of times in the past that if you get offended easily then not to read my blog, so as I always read at your own risk...

Am back watching Ally McBeal again, this programme really is one of those rare occasions when its acceptable to use the word "awsome". Its just so fucking fabulous. Totally puts life into perspective!
I realise that it isn't just english men that are crap, its american men too and I'm not alone with the wankers, Ally gets wankers too and I get fed the same bullshit as she does and its great, oh God I could watch thi programme over and over 1000's of times and it would still make me laugh like a loon on loon tablets!! (which isn't far off really seeing as I'm on so many tablets).
Here are just a few quotes that I picked up on during my watchings so far...
"Men will throw away their whole life for sex, its like a drug". Come on I know not all guys but genrally speaking how many ladies out there have found a man that says no to having sex (and gay guys don't count). I'm not proud but I'm speaking from experience!!

"Men are like gum after you chew they lose their flavour" This is beyond fact in my life at least...

"put out or lose out" from a man thats clear and please don't follow this, not putting out means they lose out, the only thing you lose is having to suck a twats penis!

"this is the problem with playing games, someones got to lose at it" ladies don't let it be you, you can play him at his own game!

Anyhow I need to do some serious Ally McBeal watching so love ya and leave ya followers!!


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