Monday, 11 June 2012

When the night has come, and the land is dark, and the moon is the only light we'll see, no I won't be afraid, no I won't be afraid, just as long as you stand, stand by me...

For once there is no particular reason for this song as a tittle, it just so happened to be playing on the radio & it is quite a nice song so I thought hey I'll use that, partly because its just gone midnight on a monday and I can't be dealing with thinking too much.

So its been a few weeks hasn't it, your probabaly thinking whats been going down in the last few weeks.
Well I haven't had sex so thats basically the majority of drama out the window already!
I did start seeing this guy James but I decided it would be better for me & him to be friends. I really need to be with someone who has got their feet on the ground. This is really tough for me because I'm attracted to guys with issues, but I usually get fed up with listening to them whine on after a couple weeks so really I should just cut the crap & not go down that road to begin with... hey I'm learning alright!!

Urgh so I made some decisions. Scary shit!
I've made the decision to stay living at home so I can carry on studying and do level 3 beauty therapy and then I will never have to do a totally shitty job that I hate ever again.. inititally thats the plan anyhow!!
Pretty big decision, along with the fact that I've decided I'm going to give blood & volunteer abroad for a week or 2 over the summer!
Pretty serious stuff!!

So on the topic of men:
Paul- he didn't buy me my wednesday hot chocolate the wednesday before last and then ignored my fb message which appoligised and wished him a good time for his trip to Egypt, wanker, I've gone off him now. Thats the problem with me, I like a guy but if nothing happens after a couple of weeks & there's not even a slight hint of anything happening I get bored and go elsewhere...

The boy AKA David, same story really its been way too long now blaintly nothing ever going to happen! Oh well his loss, wanker!

And well sorry to disapoint you but there is no other guys, well actually thats sort of a lie, there's a couple of guys that I might like but for the 1st time ever I'm not going to put it on here for reason to you that are unknown but I'm sure if you think long & hard enough you'll figure out why!

I've been seeing my mates a lot recently which is nice, not to mention that it was the Diamond jubilee last weekend which was ace I'm fucking proud to be British, we kick ass!!
So got to hang out with Princess Andrea this saturday and her plush new appartment, eating amazing food and genrally just being fabulous because we fucking rawwwwk!! mmm I love good food!!
Got to hang out with both my big sisters saturday night, their lovers, Kelly & Ant (our mutual friends) and not to mention Paul, how could I possibly forget Paul after passing out on the sofa with my face in his cock (such a classy lady). I got very drunk ha ha. I only ever really get drunk with my sisters, I hate getting pissed with boys because they always take advantage, or even worse, they don't take advantage! Plus they've got no mannors none of them hold my hair back when I'm being sick, how rude!
I don't like getting pissed infront of me pals either because I'm such a fucking liabilty. I always end up going back to some random guys house when am pissed with mates, whereas when I'm pissed with me sisters I bring a random guy back to ours, still at least they can keep an eye on me then and they know vaugley that I'm safe, not to mention my sisters are better judge of characters than me.. when I'm pissed at least. Guys always look more attractive when I'm pissed. ALWAYS!!

Any how I've had enough, its been a long day I'm tired and fed up I need my beauty sleep, especially with my exam tomorrow & my 1st makeup assessment ARGHHHHHH FUUCCCKKKK!!!!

Peace out

love love love

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