Sunday, 27 June 2010

Oh the dramas of a sunday in the heat...

What a fucking day.
I went to see my nan in the morning and haliluia she can hear again I didn't need to shout for her to actually hear me.
Went to Town to pick up Callum- my little monster, and what a day we had...
I won't go into the details of what we did all day the usual going to Tescos playing Jean's garden whilst he ate her out of house and home, what a nightmare.
Any how so it gets later and we go to meet Jax and Nick down the beach to go back to hers for dinner and a movie, that's when the drama begun. He was scooting along down the beach, and then she changes her mind and we go up to the peir instead to meet her.
Any how we get right close to the pier and a poor lady and man fell off their bikes. The lady was ok but the guy wasn't so I went to ring an ambulance and then he didn't want one and was on my phone and I turned around to see that Callum was gone.
I walked up the pier expecting him to be waiting for me, but he wasn't there, immediatly I begun to panic. I rung jax straight away and she started panicing and by the time I met her she was in tears and histerical.
Nick rung the police to report what had happened and they came within a matter of minutes thank God and there was a bout 10, maybe 15 police men looking for him on the pier and along the street.
I was sitting in the police van with her shaking and feeling so awful, I couldn't believe I'd lost my amazing 2 year old nephew. I was so scared I could hardly breath.
To my relief they found him and he had just scooted along all the way to the Odean, which is quite far and lukily some ladies realised he wasn't with anyone and they asked him where his mummy was and the police found him and I was so relieved. I can't explain it. Bless him, Callum didn't even know he was lost, he just thought it was a big adventure!
I don't think I'd shaked so much in my life.
Too much drama for one day.

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