Monday, 12 July 2010

Breaking down on a manic monday...

How shit am I feeling, actually I'm beyond shit!
Nans still in the hospital surrounded by crazy old ladies, it isn't any suprise she's confussed, fuck me I come out of that place feeling confussed (yes more confussed than usual).
God I can't wait for her to get home! The nurses pissed me off big time yesterday they was all like well you can't sit on the patience bed I felt like saying urm fuck off it's my nan and i'll sit her if i like, although I managed to hold me tounge. Oh and then at 5pm they was like you've got to go and I felt smacking that stupid cow across the face!
Any how got up at 8am today fuck me I don't think I've been that early in months. Decided to stay up though, picked up my laptop which is litrally in bits, that made me cross but I didn't scream at the stupid computer geek twat!
I went up to hospital after that and that I met Becca for lunch.
I was very naughty when she left, I treated myself to a new dress from Misselfridge (sale item of course). It is fabulous though worth every penny!
I spoke to James on the phone again today bad idea. I know he's bad for me everyone says it and I just need to believe it!
I'm not convinced he's seeing someone else.
Damn him for being a wanker and damn me for falling for him. Is it possible for me to run away from me yet before I go any loopier!!
I just don't get men you know I can't understand why I can't just meet someone! It's like I'm pretty (well everyone keeps telling me I am least). I have great style, I've got massive tits, I'm great at blowjobs, I'm always up for sex and a good night out, I'm genourous, I like to think I'm kind, I'm witty, I'm good at listening to people's problems, I'm the least boring person I know so WHY THE FUCK AM I STILL SINGLE?????
I am litrally on the verge of giving up altogether I need to get out of this fucking City!!!!!!!!!!

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