Monday, 19 July 2010

Just another manic monday, wish it was sunday.. Gotta love the Bangles...

Exscuse me! Need to get that out of my system, I'm way passed the stage of pissed off now I am ANGRY!!!!!!!! I officially have NO money, I have no boyfriend, no job and no date, what the fuck is going on?? No man, seriously right now I feel as if the world might be lacking in men, I'm particuarly fed up with fucking couples who are ALL beggining to do my head in! For example two foreigners sitting in front of me on the bus chewing each others faces off! Has no one ever told people that for one it's a fucking public face and for 2 not to rub my nose right in it when I am single and very cross!
What is wrong with all the stupid couples in the world it's actually doing my head in!
I just feel like when people get to the compfy stage of their relationship and they just decide that they're not going to go out and have fun with any of their mates anymore and just sit in like goons. Please someone pass me the sick bucket!!
I'm dobuting that I didn't get the job at the hotel cuz they never rung me and then when I rung them she never rung me back so heres to them they can stick their job up their arse!!!!!!!!!!!
Me being me I can't work for arseholes any how!
Right that's it I'm going back on the net cuz clearly everyone in bars and clubs are total twats with bad dress sense and no personality!!!
Time to leave this City yet?????????
Hmm maybe!

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