Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Just another Tuesday- although I do feel like someone has shot me!

Well aparently your life can change in less than a week!
Fucking men, why do I always get sucked in my them??
So I finally make it to the estate agents friday with mum to explain how the housing benifit people are completly and uterly crap!
Any how so we do coffee and then head back up to London Road after convincing mother to spend £97.50 on a new dress, that looked stunning, damn her for having such a good body in her 50's. If I even make it to 50 chances are I'll be obease!
Any how so I saw this guy checking me out so told mum I would be up in a minute. Any how so I started talking to him and he was really cute and he asked for my number I was thinking go me!
Any how so I he was like lets go out tonight so he picked me up from me mums, dropped me home and then later picked me up and we went bowling. We only played the one game and then went and sat up Hove lagoon and then back to mine. After a bout 6 hours of fourplay we finally had sex, twice actually.
The next few days were kind of a bit of a blurgh. We pretty much spent every day together having sex, arguing and kissing etc.
Like everything nothing ever lasts. Slowly it became untangled and things got messy and he broke up with me. I think I cried infront of him for a bout an hour (something I never do under usual circumstances).
So he drove me up me mums and so here I am feeling dreadful.
Oh and so to top it all off my nan might have had a stroke now too. Life is fucking fantastic NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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