Thursday, 30 September 2010

Thursday 30th September!!

Some one please tell me where September went because I can't really remember what I've achieved this month.
I can't exactly remember where I left off so I'll just start off from whats been going on in my mental world.
Well me being clearly the smartest chic in Town let Chris and his mate Ian (recently been released from jail).
So me being me, a spineless whose I let them both stay. I may just add before I reveal this that I never planned for this to happen and it really was just one of those things that just "happened".

We was all lying in bed (me in the middle) and it sort of hit me I was lying in bed with 2 boys either side of full of testosterone. It was impossible for me not to get excited. So my excitement let to horniness. (Always dangerous), I'm ashamed to say it but yes I did sleep with both of them, so even though I've always said I was never fussed a bout a 3 sum I had one. I won't lie I fucking loved it, attention and sexual pleasure from two guys at once it was to die for...

Any how so the next day I'm beginning to feel like a dirty whore and getting stressed a bout money and all that.
So I get through another day and I didn't intentionally do it, but I had a head ache and I was upset and I was just there on the floor searching for pain killers in the medicine box and before I knew it I'd taken 2 packets.
Just for a moment or 2 I just didn't want to think anymore, I didn't want to worry any more, I didn't want to be depressed any more.
I panicked, Text Rob and good old Rob come over, called an ambulance and stayed with me till 6am when they finally let me home!
I do feel like a twat, but whats done is done, and I will get through this no matter what.
That's all I'm going to say for today.
However watch out for the next update from my nutty fingers because I very much dobut there won't be no drama in the next few weeks so keep watching out
Peace out

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