Monday, 23 May 2011

Have you ever lost and loved someone wish there was a chance to say your sorry....

So I finally managed to find out that Diesel got cremated. Not exactly sure if that made me feel any better I did go out and celebrate his life on Friday night although I'm really struggling to get my head around the fact that he's gone and never coming back.
I know what he would say if he was still alive though. He'd say to me "Elle your a little sort stop running around after all these guys that are messing you about you know your too good for this. Your going to go far in life and you don't need approval from a boy that'll never really give a shit, your better than this"!
I know he'd want me to get on with my life not sit around moping and dwelling. I'll love him to the end and I'll never forget him but I know I need to try and get on with my life. Make him proud.

OK OK that's enough of the morbid shit.

Your probably wondering whats going on in the secret life of Princess Elle, well I hate to say it yes I did stay at Terry's Friday night, I know what I said but hello I'm the most indecisive person in this world.
So went on a date with Matt Saturday night, thought it went well but apparently I am losing my touch because "I'm not his type"!!! Hello I'm every mans type but hey whatever I'm too old for all that crap now anyhow.

Stayed at Stacey and Gaz's Saturday night and Terry poked me in the eyes pushed me on the floor and told me to fuck off at like 3am bloody charming... I started thinking do I really want to be with someone like that anyhow?! So at 6am he starts shouting at me for his bloody tee and I'm just like what the fuck, took it off threw it at him, and then....
He left...
At 6.30am I left walked from their place to Hove (yes I think I may have gone just ever so slightly barmy, that's men for you).
I sang at the top of my lungs and danced most of the way (and yes I did sleep when I got home). Don't you just love Sundays!
So had me "date" with Darryl later which I personally thought was ever so slightly awkward, however my mind is other places right now and I'm not going to sit around twiddling my thumbs about whether it was a good date or not hello I am a very busy gal!
Got to play with Stacey's baby yesterday though man he is sooooooooo cute, I actually want one... hmm... or maybe not...

So the Terry ship has sailed and I'm through with men... Just for abit anyhow.

Mm mm got to ogle sexy men all day at college too ha ha love it. Gives me something to come over later ;-) I am a dirty bitch ha ha LOVE IT!!!

Talking of ogling sexy men I get to watch Johnny Depp tonight at the cinema fuck the violence the only thing going on in my mind will be sleeping with him, I bet he's got a nice cock. Man I miss nice cocks not exactly sure what happened to them...

Any how this is fucking lame I need some new blood...

Well lets think about this logically, I'm out for Nat's birthday Friday and Emz birthday after Nat's and Amy's birthday Saturday so I think I may be able to come up with a cunning plan woop woop lets go cause some drama at the weekend oh yeah bring it on!

Peace out lovers, and just remember I have no concept of morals so I can assure you the next read WILL be juicy.

Love love love

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