Thursday, 12 May 2011

Taking back control...

So am I really the Queen of fucking it up??
Well maybe I am, but honestly do I really want to go out with any of these guys anyhow.

So its been a little while since I updated so I guess your wondering whats going on in the secret life of Princess Elle. Good question...

Well bare with me if I have already written some of this baring in mind I do have the memory of a fish..
I met this guy james who was one of Chris's mates, not exactly sure why really it isn't like I don't know what his mates are like, so that all went a bit tits up cuz he got the hump when I wouldn't sleep with him at the back of King Alfred (and I'm meant to be the weird one here). Plus he'd only just been realised from prison and spent every day drinking and smoking spliff. Not cool.

After him there was Andy met him on the internet, and I have a feeling I may have already said all this cuz I did update the whole night after I met Ben...

Ok so we'll start with the weekend just gone...
I went on a stag night (yes I do mean STAG doo.) Me and a bunch of cute guys... Would you say no??
Well whatever the groom got off his face and I swear down if he touched me arse one more time I would have either taken him home and shagged him to prove a point that even when guys are about to get married can't control a bit of arse, shame I happen to think I'm better than that. Or the other option would have been to chop his cock off, lukily I'm neither a home wrecker or a phyco any more so instead I stayed a round to make sure he didn't do anything he might regret in the morning.
His mate Dan I wasn't too impressed with though, already told me since he's been married he's slept with other woman and almost had an affair with his wifes little sister, oh and did I mention he's got a coke problem too... ladies steer well clear of this type of man. They are way more hassel than they're worth.
So after all my nice hospitality they decided to fuck off and leave me with no money at 4am, wow you just got to love these types of men.
Lukily Rob was still awake and paid for me to get a cab back to his, I wasn't too happy having to do the walk of shame the next day (for those of you who don't know what the walk of shame is, it's having to go home the next day in the same clothes you went out in the previous night with very little sleep, jeez the looks you get it's crusifying).

So that was that, had work as usual monday and "Get what you want" workshop tuesday which is slightly conveinent really seeing as I slept with Terry that night.
Oh yes I slipped up on my whole "I'm never having a one night stand again" bullshit.
I've sort of had a bit of an appifinay today.
I slept with him and we cuddled all night and it felt so good to be back in someones arms again. i sort of felt myself beggining to obsess over him and alarm bells went off. I started thinking whats so great about this guy anyhow.
Sure he's quite cute and he's an average shag but he's not exactly boyfriend material. Time to go out and find some new blood.
So I thought maybe it's time I took back control on my life.
So I thought a good place would be to start with a few kick arse songs to make me feel more empowered...
"You can't touch me now there's no feeling left, if you think I'm coming back don't hold your breath, what you did to me boy I can't forget, if you think I'm coming back don't hold your breath.
I was under your spell for such a long time, couldn't break the chains, you played with my heart. Tore me apart with all your lies and games, it took all the strenth I had, but I crawled up on my feet again, now your trying to lure me back, but no, those days are gone, my friend.

I was worried about you but you never care about me none. You took my money and I know that you, you could kill someone, I gave you everything, but nothing was ever enough, you were always jealous over such crazy stuff...."

Hmm I've only got 16 mins left on the computer so I probz should rap it up abit. i'll do more songs later if I get a chance at my sisters otherwise I'll just leave you with a few things..

I've got quite a lot of courses booked over next couple weeks so I will be a very busy lady over the course of the next week not to mention am going out tomo night providing all goes to plan and well my lovely followers we all know what that means in the Secret life of Elle ......


So keep on reading and I'll keep on updating you on the world through the eyes of a wanna be princess...
Love to you all..............


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