Sunday, 24 July 2011

A whole new world...

Wow 11 days of no show is an extremly long time in the world of princess Elle, since I've last written Becca and Iain have had about ten thousand arguments, I've been dumped once, asked out twice, Amy Winehouse has died, 91 people in Norway got shot by some nutter, I am actually going to do my beauty therapy course, I haven't smoked in 7 weeks tomo, I haven't drunk in 6 weeks thursday, I've been celibate 5 weeks today and I am no longer single, get me in one week and 4 days mental or what...
So I have been running around like a blue arsed fly; swimming, getting to appointments, working, doing me co-counselling and attempting to see mates but sometimes wondering where the hours in the day have gone.
So your wondering who dumped me? Well that was Craig, I wouldn't really have called him my boyfriend just another prick to add to the list really, besides he wasn't even that cute, I'm better!
Any how so you want to know who me man is yes?
Well he's called Beau (for the weirdos out there who don't know it means beautiful in french). And bless him he really is.
I met him online begrugingly because I was coming to litrally the very end of my teather with men until I met Beau!
He lives in Ascott and I have absolutly no idea where that is because my geography is appauling but according to him it's about an hour and half drive away!
So he came to pick me up friday evening and we booked into the Lansdowne Place hotel which was totally cosmopolitan! I'd previously made reservations at La tascas so we got a taxi there and the food was amazing as ever, fuck I love food too much for this stupid diet bullshit (although I am still going to aim towards being a skinny mini).
We went back to the hotel for cocktails after dinner was a totally amazing night...
Yeah I know what your questioning but sorry to disapoint you but read up... 5 WEEKS CELIBATE... no I didn't slip up I still haven't had sex, trust me come september the wait will be well worth it!
So acception of a few hiccups all in all it was a lovely weekend I didn't want Beau to leave but I know that good things come to those who wait and besides I've only got to wait 6 more days before I see him again and if you saw how packed my diary is you'll understand how one week roles into the next week without a blink of an eye seriously before I know it I'm going to be 40 years old with bunions the size of Africa .. (actually they already are the size of Africa) the size of Jupiter and a great big bum and tits that reach so low even the devil can have a fucking grope, fuck me thats really depressing!
Oh and one more thing please don't tell me I'm putting all my eggs into one basket because for one I'm fed up with expressions, for two that expressions is completly over rated and for 3 I don't have any eggs so blurgh!

I love the way everytime I seem to have good news my family can't just be like "do you know what Elle that's really good" instead they have to start ranting on about some shit and then I just want to scratch their eyes out!
It would just be nice if for once every one could just support me on my decision and trust my judgment (this isn't actually refereing to my new man, but thats probabally why I haven't told mum yet cuz I can already hear her voice ringing in my ear) I was actually refering to my courses that I start in a month and a week! Wow don't you just love being supported!

Any how thats all for now I'm tired and severly craving chocolate, ta ta for now!

Peace and love to my faithful followers

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