Friday, 1 July 2011

He had it coming, he had it coming he only had himself to blame..

Man why is everyone so fucked up about sex?
Seriously, at 11.30am on the show "this morning" they're already talking about sex I mean jesus christ this is not what I want to wake up to.
I know what you might be thinking, my sister (becca) said to me yesterday "jesus Elle not everyone has sex on the brain". God damn it I do have sex on the brain. Its hardly a suprise though every where I look its basically in my face!!
So last night I was pretty wasted, I only had 3 double vodkas and cokes, which is I suppose an eqivalant to 6 vodka and cokes and for someone who doesn't drink is quite alot.
Anyhow I've decided thats it now. Time to get sober again, I can't keep doing this! I keep just going from my addiction to sex, then back to m addiction of alcohol and both together is just a great big no go area!!
It feels like if I can't get my sex fix then I go get my fix from drink.
So heres an idea, give up drinking and give up sex.
It sounds hard but wasn't it me who said I want to live a life without addiction?
So heres my plan ...
I've gone 3.5 years without a sip of alcohol and then another 6 months so I can do it, I've proved to myself I can do it!
Obviously I'm not going to never have sex again so heres my plan on the sex front.
I last had sex sunday so from sunday I need to count 3 months (or 12 weeks) and then I can go get a check up at the clinic to for an HIV test from when I slept with Terry and from the guy I shagged sunday and a screen test from the guy I slept with sunday. So basically my plan is to not have sex until that date!
For the average single person this would be relativly easy, me being the not average girl its going to prove extremly difficult especially if I meet someone. But then if I do meet someone if they like me enough they'll wait and if not they ain't worth it any how.
I've gone 7 months before so 3 months or just under) should be a doddle!!
Okies there we have it plan...
Think I might see if I can start over with Craig, go on a date (and no going to Mac donalds at 2am does not count as a date).
So yeah start again give it ago before just writting it off.
Any how 1.30pm... Need to be in Brighton for 3pm and still in my pjs so should probabally leave now.
Staying at Jakes tonight as my mother is kindly kicking me out for the weekend as my auntie's down oh joys.
Meh !!!!!!!
Peace out

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