Sunday, 5 December 2010

Back home..

So here I am back home from London, in bed half watching the holiday, although it hasn't got to the best bit yet (when Jude Law appears).
London was a bit of a drama but it's over now and it is official my family are nuts.
I'm not particularly happy with my so called sister bex who woke me up at 11.30am and then came down stairs demanding I be ready in 40 minutes.
Banging on the bathroom door whilst I'm trying to wash my fucking hair telling me to hurry up. Then standing over me in the bedroom whilst I'm trying to get ready telling me I've got 20 minutes and then shouting at me for doing my makeup and when eventually I get slightly pissed off and tell her to fuck off she gets a massive hump and tells me to go and throw myself under a bus which isn't exactly very nice considering I only got out of hospital last week for trying to top myself.
All because she needed to see Iain cuz she hadn't seen him for a week.
Fuck sake does my head in it's a week she should count herself lucky it isn't like they're separated by war or something and they hadn't seen each other for years.
Mind you that is Becca for you irrational and controlling! (Especially when it comes to Iain).

Actually she's been doing my head in all weekend shouting at me in Sainsbury's a bout buying inappropriate cereal I swear she still thinks I'm a bout 12 or something!

I've got far more to contribute to this blog but I think I really should get some beauty sleep so I will update you on my fabulous thoughts tomo!!

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