Sunday, 12 December 2010

The world and their wankers.

I am officially pissed off! What is this piss Elle off week!!??
Seriously right I cannot stand banks all I wanted was one fucking pin number so I can use my stupid credit card and they're all like oh we got the wrong address or something and then put me on hold for ages so eventually I hung up and rung back hoping to speak to someone who can actually understand English (no such luck)! So after speaking to four different people they finally said that the pin number would be with me latest on Wednesday!
Why it took 4 people to send one four digit pin number and to write my correct address is beyond me, but hey that sums up banks for ya!

Oh yes and how could I forget I bumped into that prick that I went out with yesterday and today God I swear he's stalking me now! Why can't he just FUCK OFF! Thank God I am going to be gone in 3 days I hope I never see his fucking fucked up face again ARGHHHHHHHHHH! Oh don't worry I blanked him, as much as I would take pleasure in fucking up his fucked up face even more I wouldn't and will not give him the satisfaction of letting him see how much he got under my skin!! ARGHHHHHHHH what a CUNT!

Actually speaking of men right they're all a bunch of cunts and sleazy pathetic idiots, and fuck me I'm gagging for a shag, it seems to be the only thing that makes me stop feeling angry, and I start my 30 days in 3 days which means no sex, no relationships, no kissing, no flirting, no communication with a member of the opposite sex and that includes phone calls too and I'm not even allowed to indulge in self pleasure, I know I've got to do this to get better but God it feels so tough!

Right another thing adverts saying "21 and still single" FUCK OFF! Is that meant to be some sort of joke, 21 years old for fuck sake it's a joke, it really is! Can I just say if 21's meant to be old these days what the fuck to woman in their 30's who are still single feel like?
Give us a fucking break OK the media seriously do my fucking head in! It does not mean that if you haven't had kids by the time your 25 that your a freak it means you want a life or a career or maybe you just don't want kids!
I am so unbelievably fed up of being dictated by from the media, or the government or any one else that thinks they know better, please do me a favor and nicely FUCK OFF!

Richy is a CUNT please remind me to put Rich and Ritchy on the list of names of men that I do need sleep with or date!
I'm officially running out of names here, I'm going to end up marrying someone called Ziggy or something else like Quentin cuz I'm getting through names like there's no tomo oh for fuck sake I've had enough I am going to indulge myself in my milk Terrys chocolate orange (whats left of it) and another thing, it ain't Terry's it ain't Dawn French's it's mine ha ha so go FUCK YASELF!

Fuck out
fuck fuck fuck

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