Thursday, 9 December 2010

When the going gets tough the tough gets going...

I honestly don't know where to begin!
I'm in a slump of depression actually. I guess I'm just fed up with men treating me like shit. When will I just meet someone who likes me for me and who's nice to me??
I've been ridiculously busy and me being me doing my usual of avoiding things I have only started packing today and I've run out of fucking brown tape too so that involves me actually leaving the house tomo (oh happy days).

Start my 30 days in 4 days, 30 days without any sexual contact with a man, no sex with a men, no kissing, no flirting, no dating, just nothing accept complete detox. I think this is going to be one of the hardest thing I'll ever have to do but I need a healthy relationship and I want one... hmm in fact I crave one, I'm just completely exhausted.
I keep getting continuous calls from girls that are going out with Ian, or some other little prick and it's beginning to do my head in! Why can't people just leave me the fuck alone, I'm in the middle of moving house I am so God damn stressed!

Any how I've got far too much to do thinking a bout other peoples girlfriends ringing me is the least of my worries.
I'm packing all day tomo it's dull but it has to be done. God I can't fucking wait to move, seriously like it'll be so nice to go out again without feeling insecure, paranoid, vulnerable and scared. Bullies one thing I cannot stand in life. Along with violence and confrontation!

So Wednesday me and Rob are bigging it up in Landan baby and I have to say I am extremely disappointed the fashion industry is having a midlife crises, I was mooching a bout and the clothes all look half finished, seriously I could have made a bin bag look better then some of things on sale.
So there we have it 1st the fashion industry falls a part and slowly whats next?? After all we are in the middle of rescission.
Ok I physically can not keep me eyes open my bed is officially calling me! xx

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