Monday, 20 December 2010

Day 3 of me 30 days

Well well, I'm on day 3 of me 3 days and I'm doing OK.
Can't believe there's only 4 days till Christmas eve, I'm starting to wonder where the year has gone, but under the circumstance that's a pretty stupid question, it's gone on a lot of stupid guys, a lot of gone wrong tragic relationships, being sectioned, losing jobs, moving house, stupid amounts of overdoses, going out partying and a hell of a lot of arguing, time to set some new rules for next year...
1) Do not attempt to commit suicide no matter how bad things get.
2) Do not jump into bed with idiots.
3) Do not get fired.
4) Do not argue, simply walk away.
5) Do not keep moving house.
6) Do not speak to weird homeless people.

Well that's a start isn't it.
I'd rather be on my own than go out with another dickhead.

I'm restless, I'm unbelievably fed up with this stupid weather it is ruining my life, seriously I cannot physically wear heels in this ice (and no parading around the house in heels doesn't count).
Any how on another note I'm trying not to be so damn negative so I should look at the good things from this year, I moved house away from all the drama that was making my life hell. I made up with me sister after 2 years of no contact.
I made new mates, and got out of jobs that I sincerely hated!!

Hm I'll write again soon I think, should be getting a new laptop soonish when I actually get a decent amount on a check come through the post.

Wish me luck I already have a pack of 40 ciggies to get me through the 2 dreaded days of Christmas with my absolutely amazing family (Xmas eve & Xmas Day). Hmmm how long will they last with my darling mother and my even more darling 2nd mother (Becca). This is going to be so much fun! (NOT).

Any how I am off to my home now oh and one last thing please remind me to make a trip next year to be away for Xmas somewhere hot with someone nice away from my so called family!!

Peace out
love love love

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