Thursday, 30 June 2011

Crumbelling down...

My mood right now... Well this is me I never just feel one feeling at a time like most people. I'm feeling completly restless, slightly angry (ok really angry like I want to stamp on someones head). I guess there is a little bit of sadness there too maybe, along with frustration and something like a hole, like a sort of emptiness.
I just want to say I'm not a vileont nutcase, I write this blog merley for myself to let off steam. Sometimes it can be really hard to keep it all locked up, I know what I write sometimes can be shocking, and subtelty was never my strong point!
Any how so met up with Aaron last night. My suspicions we're definitly conformed he's a right little prick. He kept trying (sorry not trying actually doing) putting his hand up my skirt, and completly ignoring the fact that I told him to get off. You know I was thinking about it and actually most of the guys I've slept with could potentially been classed as rape cuz I'm pretty sure about 50% of the guys I've slept with I've told to stop and they're just all like let me carry on for another couple mins and I'm kind of like seriously stop and they just completly ignore me and then before I know it they've blown their load and they're already zipping up and getting ready to leave.
You know what men really are little shits.
Aaron's actually told me to fuck off and not to text or ring him again cuz I wouldn't sleep with him. Now usually I would have sent him the arsiest text back like ever but in actual fact I stopped and I thought, do you know what I'm way too good for this guy who has bad breath, herpes on his face, is a right twat and isn't even realyl cute at all, I started thinking jesus my standards really have slipped! And that he isn't even worth a free text or one of my free minutes so I ignored it completly.
I'm through with men, they actually are all pricks.
Right and something that really gets me fucking fuming is this obsession guys have about girls being pretty!!!!!!!!!
Heres a conversation between me and Aaron...
Me: Why you so into me any ways I thought I was a whore!!
Aaron: Oh yeah but your beautiful so its kind of OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Please will someone tell me what the fuck the word pretty, beautiful, stunning, gorgeous etc means?
Does it mean you can sleep with 1000's of men and it doesn't matter, does it mean you can take loads of drugs, does it mean you can shop lift? Does it mean you can kill someone fuck sake.
Fuck this shit man, I am going out clubbing to show all the men in Brighton who I have slept with that they didn't get under my skin and that I am still going out woop woop fuck you men in Brighton men FUCKKKKKKKKKKK YOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!


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