Sunday, 21 November 2010

Bring me back

Do you know what I've been so wrapped up in Chris and Ian I've been missing all the great things a round me and things are going to get better.
Yes my head is fucked but I have this sort of feeling that something good will happen, makes a change considering I normally thing the worst out of everything.
I just know that once I move it'll be OK like.
I'll be away from Chris and Ian and all of their lot and no one (except me mates) will know where I live and I've changed me number now too!
I've got less than 4 weeks less now till I can move (thank fuck).
Time will go quick, I was thinking the other day back to the 1st time I met Chris and honestly I can't remember hmmm let me look it up!!
August I can't put my finger on a specific date but roughly the middle of August which means I've known him a bout 3 months, Wow it feels like a lot longer, maybe that's cuz I'm unemployed and so much shit has happened!
Fuck it less than 4 weeks now and I'm gone and then I can finally start getting me life back on track!!
I'm watching Sugar Rush at the moment lol! What a life. Seriously right Kim has an obsession with Sugar her best mate, her mum's a alcoholic slag and her dad well he's just a right goody two shoes.
Fucking hell my specialty fucked up families and fucked up relationships!
Becca managed to sort it out and get with Ian, Jax managed to sort it out and get with Nick, so I have a chance and every time I walk away from Chris I get that little bit stronger and every day I become a little bit more aware (exception of yesterday when I had a drink)! Stupid I know but I'm not slipping back into my old ways and I am going to get stronger.
One step at a time!
I can't function at the moment.
I'll write soon when I know a little bit more ....

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