Wednesday, 24 November 2010

My fabulous fucked up family!

Title says it all really!
Don't you just love the way that families are meant to pull together when things are tough, but hey I've always known my family is totally fucked up!
I mean the older I get the less I see of me cousins and aunties and uncles etc so I guess it's fair enough that they don't really want anything to do with me but as far as immediate family goes the only one that's really actually bothered giving a shit a bout me is my sis (Jax) and even she's decided that I'm trying to guilt trip her into giving me money!

It's so fucking shit I just need that money and then I can finally fuck off and get away from all the shit here in Hove!!
Seriously mum's decided she ain't even going to respond to my texts any more and just delete them when she receives them well fuck that shit, she can forget me spending Christmas with her this year acting like that it's proper pathetic!
Whatever I don't need her any how all I get is told off a bout who I see, what I do and who I sleep with which is my choice!
A bout time she realized that I'm an adult and what I do is my choice.
So fuck it. Sent the letter to dad yesterday, he should receive it tomo.
Can't wait to see his reaction to the whole truth. Oh well a bout time a few truths were told.
It ain't like he's going to have some sort of Epiphany and step up to the mark of being a dad even if doesn't know what to do!
He'll probably disown me, my family seem to be good at doing that when things are tough!!
Oh well it isn't exactly like I'll be missing much if he does!

At least I got me mates, I actually think if it wasn't for my mates I'd be dead by now!

Got slightly addicted to watching sugar rush at the moment, I've watched it excessively over and over, but hey gives me something to do seeing as I'm stuck in Hove because until I get money (which feels like will be never at this rate) I haven't even got a bus ticket so I'm pretty much stuck either indoors or out doors attempting to scav ciggies from passer bys and money to buy food!
Oh happy fucking days. Oh not to mention I've run out of deodorant and I've run out of foundation too so I look like shit permanently!

This is actually making me feel worse, wish I'd never started this. I feel even worse writing it down, just reminds me of how my so called family have once again rejected me, ha is it any surprise I end up with guys like Chris!

Someone do me a fucking favor and just shoot me would ya!!!

Peace out to me mates and as for the rest of u go fuck ya selves! (directed at my so called "family").

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