Sunday, 26 June 2011

'Cause I'm just a girl, little 'ol me, don't let me out of your sight, I'm just a girl all pretty and petite, so don't let me have any rights...

Ah man don't you just love No Dobut...

Amazing song and lyrics.

Any how unfortunatly before I start todays topic, I must have a rant.

I don't think I've ever met a couple who row the way Becca and Iain do, it drives me fucking mad!! Not to mention that every time I watch some thing it gets insulted by Iain so and everything gets questioned it does my nut!!

Then I have to listen to them having make up sex, can I vomit yet???

I would say that that my rants over but it is far from over especially seeing as Iain is sitting behind me asking me questions about really stupid things conversation...
*listening to Taylor Swift*
Iain: Do you like Taylor Swift?
Me: (thinking in my head nahhh I just put it on cuz I hate it). Yes.
Iain: why do you like her?
Me: (thinking oh my God please shutup what sort of question is that anyhow).
*me can't take anymore, saves blog, gets up and leaves the room*!!

So todays topic is about cheating, and not just any sort of cheating, cheating in a relationship and yes it is wrong but not every case can be judged in the same way because yes cheating is cheating but there are many different circumstances and what I want to talk about is not the cheater, or the cheatee, but in actual fact the "Other woman" (I guess other man too but I deal with things from womans point of veiws not mens sorry guys).
So despite how much you may be thinking "the other woman" is a total bitch and what not, stop right there OK. I ain't trying to justify the other womans behavour, but she has feelings too and I know what your thinking why would she get involved with a married man/ a man in a relationship to begin with? Well for starters men are extremly good liars so it could be that she didn't know until she'd already fallen in love with him, or the simple fact of we can't always help who we fall for!! Whoever they are...
So yes it is really shit for the wife/girlfriend but think about the other woman, she gets all these broken promises and deep down knows that they're probabally not true and yet clings on to them and the longer the affair continues the more we get attached and then end up being clingier and clingier cuz we get to the point that we're so used to this crazy double life to lose it would be unbearable. (At least thats what we convince ourselves).
Don't think there isn't a single moment of a single day goes buy that the "other woman" doesn't feel so guilty and so dreadful that ending it seems like the only way out but the actual ending it is so much harder to put into practise than it is to say it!
The other woman who longs to be truely loved and cared for as herself!
Any how I'm not trying to justify anything but I think its important not to always look at things in a black and white narrow minded sort of way!
So I broke it, so much for lucky number 36, yes I slipped, I had sex, I ain't going to say with who cuz for once, its private but I question if it was a mistake? Well give me 3 months and I'll let you know...
So now on the hunt for lucky number 37, and jesus christ it better be lucky because otherwise I'm going to end up with sleeping as many people as last year... last year was ... about 11, and this year its 4 now, so as longas I don't sleep with another 7 peoples this year I am OK. To do that I'd have to be meeting quite a few men seeing as there are only another 6 months left in the year!!!
Any how I am a bit of a naughty girl tonight, I went out... came home... went out to meet me mate for a long walk... and now waiting for another guy to come pick me up and go out in Brighton for a bit... I am not a dirty stop out.. I'm just fed up with lying in bed at night staring at the ceiling feeling alone, and not being able to sleep, may as well go out right...

I was thinking when I got into bed last night about my life and stuff and I started to feel like I don't really fit in anywhere.. I hate that feeling but I've never really felt like I belong really. Maybe that is the potential bi polar. I felt really annoyed on the train on friday some girl got on the train and she sat on my table oppisite me and she was with her mate and I don't know what it was but like I got really annoyed with her. Like I think it was an attention thing. Like when I'm out on the Town if there's some girl thats out being quite loud, she's gotta go, it doesn't matter who she is or how nice she is, if she's stealing my lime light, shes gotta go!
I mean how fucked up is that...

Any how going out so catch ya later aligators..

Peace out
Love ya

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