Thursday, 2 June 2011

"Do something really clever that will make me hate your name forever"

Well Terry well and truely did that, I do hate his name forever! Afterall thats what I wanted him to do anyhow wasn't it.
As I lay in the hospital bed feeling confused and anxious it really struck me what a prick he really is an how he honestly only does care about himself and he's so wrapped up in himself. I don't think I've met a guy like Terry before.. although I guess if I think about it I know I have. I can't beleive he even questioned that I took the overdose because of him. He has absolutly no idea the 1st thing about me and he doesn't get me at all.
The fucking mental health nurse was so fucking patranising too she didn't get me at all sitting there dulled up to the nines, I just thought yeah alright love you sit here and write shitty little notes about me but you'll never fucking understand what I'm going through probabally on her 30 grand a year salary. Why should she give a shit about me?

Why should anyone give a shit about me?
I came back today when they finally discharged me to find out everything was left how I must have left it. All the washing up on the side next to the sink, the bottle of Dr pepper on the table, the tinned peaches and tinned tomatos on the work surfice. The cerial and cakes on the other work surfice. The empty packet of pills next to the coke on the table and my crap dumped on mums bed.
So they let me go. Smart move, they're questioning whether I'll try it again. Well maybe not to tonight but hey the mess is still all here nothings changed I still don't want to carry on why can't anyone fucking understand that!?

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