Thursday, 9 June 2011

she takes just like a woman, she makes love just like a woman, she aches just like a woman, but she breaks just like a little girl...

Ha amazing how right Bob Dylan is with that song is. I can't speak for all woman but do you ever get to that point where you literally can't hold it together anymore, usually its one small thing that makes you reach the end of your teather and then you break, you cry, shake, feel angry, sad, frusterated and most of all hopeless (yes guys it is possible to feel more than one feeling at once). Its funny everytime I have a nervous break down I always think about childhood and love. I find it so hard to put my feelings aside. Sometimes when I'm out and about and I see mothers with their children, feeding them crap and basically shouting at them for no reason. It gets me thinking to how exactly is that child going to grow up to be.
They're hardly going to grow up to be happy young adults.

Oh fucking hell mums in the living room having a discussion with Becca about me and where I'm going to live I wish they would fuck off really. It's like I'm a fucking adult, so what I'm going to be homeless, it ain't that fucking bad, you know it ain't like someones told me I've got a brain tumor and only have a month to live you know. It's not like it'll be forever maybe only a few weeks. If I go down the beach under the pier no-one will even know that I'm homeless!
I don't expect people to put me up, I'm not their problem I'm 22 years fucking old it irritates me the way people keep telling me that I can't be homeless, why not! I'm not even scared anymore, a few years ago then yeah maybe but now fuck it whats a few months roughing it!
I actually think I'm going to go to bed in a minute I can't deal with people trying to control my life!
Besides I know what people think of me, half of it is bullshit but whatever obviously even me mates are getting tired of me, maybe thats why no-one bothers to contact me anymore. to be honest I don't care, after all if me mates don't want me when I'm on the ground and need of help then fuck it they don't deserve me when I'm sorted and happy!
Life is bollox anyhow, however you look at it we're all heading the same way... DEATH!
So lets just hit the bottle, drink up and hope it goes a hell of a lot faster.

Peace out again ....

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