Thursday, 9 June 2011

When life takes a turn for the worse...

I'm going fucking insane. (yes more than usual). I ended up going to A & E with mum tuesday night, after throwing up my dinner (lush) and my whole face throbbing imensley, I can't even begin to explain the agony of having a wisdom tooth out. All I'm going to say is just don't have it out to begin with its fucking horrific.
Maybe if I didn't have to move house in 5 days it wouldn't have been so bad, but I do, and it is.
I'm quite ready to strangle Becca too, she keeps talking to me even though I've told her about 6000 times it hurts to talk. And then all the irritating questions like I went into the toilet and she started giving me the 3rd degree about how I should put the toilet seat down when I flush it something to do with it being more hygenic (can I scream yet). Then I come out and shes all like you didn't flush the loo and I was like I didn't go to the toilet and she's like what was you doing in there then? ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I can't even go into the toilet without being questioned. I swear shes so heavy footed too and shes up and down up and down every 5 minutes waffelling on about one thing or another. Eventually she went out and I got some peace and quiet.

I threw up countless amounts of times yesterday wahooooooooooo I'm getting well skinny!!
Although I am unbelivably fed fucking up with being totally uncapable of doing anything. I am praying to get better. Jesus I've hardly doen any packing, I don't even know where I'm dumping my stuff, seeing as from tuesday onwards I'm officially homeless.

On the plus side me new publisher got in touch today. I rung her back and said I'd ring her back in a few days when I was actually capable of having a conversation where people can actually understand what I'm saying, I swear at the moment I just keep having a load of dribble come out when I talk and I sound like a totally idiot.
Ah man I look so attractive! (NOT). Hairy fucking legs, hairy smelly pits, hair that I haven't even attempted to brush since monday I think. I have cleaned my teeth so at least my breath don't stink as for makeup though... totally non existant. I still need to pay my bleeding phonebill too! Not over due till 16th so shall wait till I can speak like a normal human again...

Fuck this I should be out causing drama not stuck in like a little old lady!
Fuck this shit I'm going to watch more crap T.V cuz since I've had my wankering tooth yanked out thats all I seem capable of oh the fucking joys, Man don't you wish you was living my life right now! NOT!

Do not fear, I will make up for it as soon as my fucking face goes down and stops throbbing GOD FUCKING DAMN IT!

Peace out me follwers
Love love love

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