Tuesday, 21 June 2011

A life of fantasy and magic....

Lol well maybe not quite but getting there slowly... its so cool being on holiday with me favourite cousin life here is great, I can sleep till noon, have amazing homemade ice lollies, drink vanilla, butterscotch, hazelnut and chocolate lattes from Jens flashy coffee machine till my hearts content. Have exsessive amounts of tea mmm. Watch loads of movies on a 92 " screen, doing pretty well with movies actually, have now seen New Moon and Eclipse (totally amazing) after watching Eclipse last night I'm over 100% in love with Edward and Jake and because of it I don't think I can ever date another man again because no man will live up to Jake or Edwards body, mind or soul. So single for eternity.. men are shit anyhows....
Saw Gnomeo and Juliett, hilerious, Letters to Juliett, Paul, Leap year, think we're watching the hangover later and maybe Sex in the City 2 (yes I know I've got it on DVD but nothing like watching it on a 92 " screen, besides tis amazing).
Oh my Goshie been having hot choccy every night (and I'm not just talking about your average hot choccy, I'm talking about Jens hot choccy with choccy and plain cream on top and tonight were even having marsh mellows, and sprinkles, amazin)!
Tonight we're making apple pie (yes from scratch) and mash potato for dinner with veggy sausages and onion rings. Ugh its so good being here!
If the weather improves towards the end of the week may even get to go for a dip in the swimming pool ;-).
Got me fringe cut in the hairdresses today (yes for free, jesus it only takes 5 mins). Got so blonde hair dye specifically for touching up roots so soon (hopefully tomo) will no longer have roots that look grey and then nicked one of them highlighting caps out of another box from a highlighting kits from boots so can do me pink streaks too after touching up me rooms. Going to look fabby :D

Bought some orange Barry M nail varnish today (gotta be Barry M, amazing), going to paint them orange when back at mums and then put the magic black on and me finger nails will look like tiger print and you know how much I love to stand out...

Spoke to James... from the counsil today got a couple of one bedroom properties for me to look at in Newhaven... I know I wasn't going to move back there but if I can get a one bed flat there then why not. It's close to Jax and besides don't want to live in Hove and start me Princes trust course in September .. (only like 2 months and a week away now) so yeah why not. Was thinking after a year the rules of the counsil change they'll only pay all my rent for a year and then they only do that if your over 35 but figure if I put me name on the counsil list after a year they should be able to find me a flat thats well permenant till I give it up bacically so got it sorted mate!
Any hows offskies now to enjoy the luxuries of having to do absolutlky nothing ... If I chose not to!
Love it
xX mwah Xx

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